About us

The Foundation for the Development of Equestrian Therapies was born in 2007 in Écija (Seville), as a foundational, non-profit organization. Its main goal is to train, regulate, coordinate, manage and spread equestrian therapies.

Osuna University School (U. Seville), offers quality university education in the center of Andalusia with a vocation of service to the entire society and the territory, is open to the collaboration withother institutions from any field for the realization of all kinds of academic activities, research or to carry out projects of all kinds.

AINISE (International Alliance for Healthy Interaction with Equines). Since 2018, it has been a COLLECTIVE WORK volunteer team made up of qualified professionals in health (human, animal and environmental), education, social, physical exercise, equestrian training and coaching, from various countries, united for the recognition and REGULATION of the assisted specialties , with equines. EAS (Equine Service Assisted).

Supported by U. Oviedo (Spain), U. Extremadura (Spain), U. Rosario (Argentina), U. Évora (Portugal) U. Missouri-Kansas City (USA) and U. Burgos (Spain) has carried out the PILOT PROJECT of:

International clinical trial of data collection, multicenter, randomized, with experimental group and control group and blind evaluation by third parties, in order to determine the effect of Therapeutic horse riding, on a group of people with Arthritis.

Promoted and Coordinated by: AINISE. Scientific group led by Dr. Íñigo Hernández (Rheumatologist) advised by Dr. Andrés García-Gómez (Researcher). Main researchers Dr. Dolores Apolo (physiotherapist), Dr. Enrique de La Cal (Artificial Intelligence Engineer) and Dr. Juan A. Zapata (Veterinary Med.)
, made up of IAE professional experts, researchers, and volunteers from 7 countries. Germany, Argentina, USA Spain, France, Malta, Portugal and based on the published essay by Dr. Sharon White Lewis of the U. Missouri Kansas-City (USA) and the collaboration of the IAE Professional Network.

Pilot Project financed by .
Ann Kern Godall Foundation (Norway)
Foundation for the Promotion of Equestrian Sport (Spain).